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BlogMonday December 28th, 2020

Mobile Applications of 2020 with the Highest…

Several mobile applications are rising and shining in  2020. These applications have managed to reap multiple benefits compared to previous years.

Sensor Tower, which is an application market research company, has released a list of high-earning applications throughout 2020.

Below are the high-earning mobile applications for 2020:


In 10th place is the BIGO LIVE app. The BIGO LIVE app is a video sharing app through live chat and/or live stream video. The application was launched in 2016 and soon became popular. It seems that during the COVID19 pandemic they get more fans throughout the world. Apart from entertainment purposes, some users are taking advantage of BIGO LIVE to earn money.

9. Netflix

Netflix is in 9th place as a mobile application with the highest revenue throughout 2020. Netflix is ​​an application intended for streaming movies online. The pandemic is forcing people to stay at home and encouraging people to find suitable entertainment, and it seems that Netflix fits these criteria.

Netflix recorded a surge in new subscribers at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. It is no wonder that Netflix has successfully placed itself in the top 10 mobile applications with the highest revenue in 2020.

8. Google One

In 8th place is the Google One application. Google One is a mobile application made by Google which was introduced in 2018, as Google’s paid subscription of storage cloud service. Its function is similar to Google Drive, with a bigger capacity offered. The storage capacity offered is much larger than GDrive which is only 15 GB. On Google One, subscription packages are available at affordable prices, starting from 2 US dollars for 100GB, 3 US dollars for 200GB, up to 10 US dollars for 2TB capacity.

7. iQIYI

In 7th place is the iQIYI application. The iQIYI is an application used to download and watch streaming movies. iQIYI is a mobile application from China and has been around since 2010. Currently, iQIYI is one of the largest movie streaming applications in the world with 6 trillion hours spent on this service every month. 

6. Piccoma

In 6th place, is Piccoma which is a paid application for reading manga. Piccoma is a mobile application that originates from the land of Sakura, Japan. Piccoma can be accessed via mobile, tablet, or PC. Piccoma was developed by Kakao, Japan. 

5. Disney +

In the 5th place, is the Disney+ application, which is a mobile application intended to stream movies online. The Disney+ application provides Disney films that are of undoubted quality. You can watch Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic movies on the Disney+ app. The Los Angeles Times reports Disney + subscribers to reach 74 million globally. 

4. Tencent Video

Tencent Video is a video streaming platform from China developed by Tencent. Tencent Video was launched in 2011 and is a top streaming platform rivaling iQIYI. In the second quarter of 2020, reported that there were 114 million Tencent customers worldwide.

3. Tinder

Tinder is in third place as the application with the highest revenue throughout 2020. In the third quarter of 2020, Tinder recorded around 400,000 new users, bringing the total number of users to 6.6 million worldwide. This dating app is also able to drive sales by 15% year over year.

2. YouTube

YouTube is an application made by Google, Inc. which managed to rank in the top 10 in the category of mobile applications with the highest revenue according to Sensor Tower, throughout 2020. YouTube managed to record a profit of 94 million US dollars (around 1.3 trillion rupiahs). YouTube’s largest users are from the US and account for about 56% of total revenue. Japan is the second-largest YouTube user with a contribution of 11% globally.


TikTok is still the application with the highest income in the world. In October 2020, TikTok recorded a profit of more than 115 million US dollars (equivalent to 1.6 trillion rupiahs). Apart from being the application with the highest revenue in the world, TikTok is also the most downloaded application globally.

This Chinese mobile application benefits the most from its users in China with a percentage of around 86%, then 8% of users in the US, and 2% of users in Turkey.



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