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NewsMonday August 10th, 2020

Monitor Employee Work with Daily Report App…

Does your office collect daily employee work reports manually using excel or documents? We think this method is very conventional compare to the cloud computing era today. 

Yep, we are sure that the era of the cloud has started, and please be ready to it because all work is shifting from locally processed to stored and processed on servers.

Cloud technology allows users to run a program without having to install it first. However, users can still access personal data via a computer/browser with internet access, username, and password.

Kintone, as a cloud-based application specifically developed for general business. All business activities such as employee work reports, company financial reports, business trip expenses, employee leave requests, and many others can be done in Kintone.

In this article, we will review one of the applications in Kintone that is useful for monitoring employee daily work reports, we often called it the daily report.

What’s the daily report on Kintone be like?

The picture above is an example of an employee work report form. Of course, you can create a form that is adjusted to your office needs. It is very easy to create a daily report app, no need coding skills/programming skills as we do it with drag and drop only.

The employees’ daily work can be monitored through the daily report app. What project does someone working on, how is the progress, and how long did it take to do the task. All can be calculated automatically.

In addition, employees can share their difficulties or problems during working by filing in the memo. Also, if needed, employees can attach their work to the attachment form as shown in the picture below.


Daily reports can track the work progress of employees. It is helpful to help employees track their own progress. And for the employer, a daily report is helpful to track employees’ work as well as to track project progress.

Employees can view their track records by date, as shown on the picture below:

Each date column in the calendar view above can be clicked to view the details of the work report. To add a new work report, simply click on the plus sign (+) in the top right corner.

For companies, the daily report at Kintone is useful for tracking how employees work performance, where employees are involved in the project, and how many hours needed by employees to do the project/task.

Can be accessed on a mobile phone.

For Android and iOS users, you can download the Kintone Mobile App on the PlayStore and AppStore. After installed the app and logged in to the Kintone account, you can access the latest company data and information from wherever you are, as long as you have a smartphone and are connected to an internet network.

Suppose you are visiting a client, working from home, or on vacation, you can still access the latest information as easy as flipping a phone. Are you currently working overseas? No big deal! You can also access office data from anywhere you are in the world. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

So, are you interested in using Kintone’s services now? Currently, we have 30 days free trial program, we suggest you try our free trial program to experience a hassle-free business management app!

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