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NewsWednesday June 2nd, 2021

Buku Kas Mobile App for SMEs

When watching a video on YouTube, you may accidentally watch an advertisement video showing Buku Kas Mobile App. With a massive amount of advertisements, how effective is this digital bookkeeping app compare to the manual one? The advertisements claim that the Buku Kas app will help you to manage your finance practically, easily, and faster. 

If you run a small shop and have frequent buyers but they like to do pay later than pay now, you may want to download these apps because they come in handy when it comes to writing down debt.

With many benefits on the table, are you not interested in bringing the Buku Kas app to your business? If you are interested in the Buku Kas app, we have made a special review regarding this app.

(1) Bukukas — Cashier App, also suitable for Financial Accounting

Compare to other apps, you may have familiar with the Buku Kas app. Buku Kas app is the favorite among SME businesses to record daily transactions and/or debt. With this app, you can record every income, outcome, and stock of goods.

Buku Kas app also allows you to transfer money and accept money transfers from interbank transactions without any additional fees charged. Users can also download the financial report as an evaluation.

Even if other people maintain the shop, you don’t need to worry about the data being manipulated because everything can be checked in real-time. Most importantly, you can track accounts payable records quickly and easily. There will be no more buyers who are absent from their responsibility to pay their debts.

Download BukuKas

(2) BukuWarung: Write Down Every Daily Transaction 

Do you feel bad about having to collect customer debt? By using the BukuWarung application, you can send debt bill notifications automatically via WhatsApp or SMS. You can also find out who hasn’t paid off the debt so you can collect it immediately.

In addition, as a digital bookkeeping application that has been downloaded up to 1 million times, BukuKas is equipped with a lot of free features. For example, BukuWarung can be used by more than one cellphone online and offline! This way, all records, and transactions can be monitored wherever you are.

Download BukuWarung 

(3) Moodah: Daily Business Financial Records for SMEs

Moodah is one of the digital bookkeeping applications for businesses that have been used by more than 40 thousand MSMEs in Indonesia. Therefore we cannot underestimate its credibility? Like other digital bookkeeping applications, Moodah can be used as a digital cashier and debt recorder.

Then, what makes Moodah app different from similar applications? With the Moodah app, you can easily send a price list for your product. So, this application is not only for bookkeeping but also for promoting your business. Besides that, you can promote your business by adding a logo to all digital documents.

Download Moodah 

BukuKas, BukuWarung, and Moodah are examples of the best bookkeeping applications for businesses suitable for MSMEs. All three can be used for free and have their respective advantages. Therefore, check the features of each application so you can find the right one!

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

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