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NewsMonday March 8th, 2021

Best Free Mobile Applications for Manga Reading…

For manga enthusiasts who look for the best online free manga reader mobile apps, try to finish this article. Japanese manga fan all over the world is so big that we need mobile applications specifically designed to read manga online. Thus, reading manga can be anywhere and anytime. 

Let’s check on the best online free manga reader mobile apps below.


1. BacaKomik


BacaKomik is a mobile application specifically for reading manga in Bahasa Indonesia. BacaKomik mobile app provides more than 1,500 titles of the manga. Besides manga, you can also read comics from other countries such as Korean comics (Manhwa) and Chinese comics (Manhua).

If you don’t speak Japanese or English, we recommend installing BacaKomik mobile app as they present manga in Bahasa Indonesia.

Download link for BacaKomik mobile app on Google Play.


2. MangaToon


On the next line, there is the MangaToon app. This manga reader mobile application is quite popular and has received positive responses from its users. They fairly rated high on Google Play, which is 4.4 stars. 

Japanese manga fans who like to read various genres such as Action, romance, comedy, fantasy, and horror can pick the MangaToon app as they provide these genres. The cool thing is, you can download the manga and read them offline.

MangaToon supports reading manga in various languages such as Bahasa Indonesia, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai, and Portuguese. Enjoy your favorite comics in the language you speak.

Manga fans who want to show off skills with their manga creation, MangaToon is the right place for you!. Write your own story on MangaToon and share it with millions of readers! MangaToon will choose the most popular stories and create the manga for you!.

Download link for MangaToon app on GooglePlay.


3. Komiku


Komiku is a free mobile application for reading manga online. The Komiku mobile application rated 4.1 on Google Play. The manga reader mobile app provides more than 1000 titles of manga, manhwa, and manhua.

Manga in the Komiku app has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia to provide an easy read for Indonesian manga fans. In addition, the user can turn on the dark mode for the sake of comfort in reading.

The manga you have read will be recorded in the ‘History’ in case you want to read them again.

Download link for the Komiku app on Google Play.


4. Manga Geek


Manga Geek is a free mobile application for reading manga and manhua online. It supports manga reading in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, etc. however it is unclear whether they provide manga reading in Bahasa Indonesia.

Manga Geek provides more than 40,000 titles of manga and comics for free! The application will immediately update the collection when a new manga is released. Actually, Manga Geek is a mobile application that displays manga links with a user-friendly interface.

Download link for the Manga Geek application on Google Play.


5. Manga Fox


Manga Fox’s rated 4.5 on Google Play. This indicates that Manga Fox is quite a reliable manga reader app with quite a lot of fans. Manga Fox promises convenience and safety for reading manga online.

Almost the same as Manga Geek, Manga Fox takes manga links from websites and then displays them on the mobile application in a better format. Manga Fox enables a comic mode feature to support better reading activities.

To protect user privacy, the app also enables incognito, privacy protection, and encryption. And, if you are tired to deal with ads, you can set the application to automatically block ads.

Download link for the Manga Fox application on Google Play.


6. Crunchyroll Manga


Crunchyroll Manga is a mobile application for reading manga online that provides unlimited access to Japanese manga. You can enjoy popular Japanese manga such as Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Space Brothers.

The app provides attractive offers for premium subscribers such as access to the latest manga soon after it’s released in Japan, full mobile support, access to the catalog anywhere at any time, and unlimited reading access.

Download link for the Crunchyroll Manga application on Google Play.

That’s it the 6 best mobile applications for reading manga online that available for free download on Google Play. Remember to always ensure safety before downloading and installing a mobile application. Happy reading!




Photo by Gracia Dharma on Unsplash

Aplikasi Baca Manga Online Gratis
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