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BlogWednesday November 11th, 2020

Hai Clean, a Mobile Application for Home…

Students at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) designed a home laundry mobile app called Hai Clean. This application will later be intended for small and medium scale laundry owners.

Hai Clean was developed by four UMM students; Abdul Chatil, Susi Anivah, Fajriah Fatimah, and Rina Yunia Irianti. Hai Clean app is submitted to the Student Creativity Program (PKM) which will be included in a national student competition.

Hai Clean application allows home laundry owners to accept laundry orders online. Customers can choose the desired home laundry through the application. Hai Clean opens the possibility for every laundry, even the one in a small alley, to get orders.

The middle to lower class society will also be helped by the increasing number of laundry options available. Customers can choose a laundry based on distance or price and quality compatibility.

Home laundry owners who put their laundry services at Hai Clean can set their own laundry rates, give promotions or discounts, etc. Hai Clean does not charge fees for laundry owners who use the app.  

Laundry owners only need to deposit initial funds of at least IDR 75,000. Every time an order is received, Rp. 1000 will be automatically deducted. There is no registration fee for laundry partners who want to receive orders via the Hai Clean application.

Laundry: a Shine Bright Home Business

Not everyone owns a washing machine at home. Students and office workers who live alone in boarding houses are preferred laundry to wash their clothes.

Therefore, it seems that a home laundry business has good prospects. It is no wonder that even in small alleys we find home laundry services.

However, sometimes the home laundry business faces marketing difficulties. A business that is still at the home level with a small amount of capital will certainly make it difficult for owners to develop and promote their business better.

The presence of the Hai Clean application is a beacon of hope for home laundry businesses and small to medium-sized laundry businesses, to be able to get more customers. Service marketing and promotion can be done on the Hai Clean application so that more people will be able to see the services they offer.

For customers, the Hai Clean application will also help. Sometimes it is difficult to find laundry services that turn out to be in a small alley. It is the laundromats with a large and striking sign that will receive more customers.

But with Hai Clean application can solve this problem. Customers can order a laundry service that is closest to their shelter or a laundry service whose price suits their pocket.

Digital Technology for Everyone

From the example above, we know that digital technology does not belong to large corporations. Digital technology has even leveled the opportunities, from previously broad marketing access only to wealthy companies, now small and medium enterprises can get the same opportunity.

Therefore, as a developing society, we must adapt to advances in digital technology. Existing facilities should be used for business progress. 

Do you want to know more about the world of digital technology? Contact us at [email protected] for more information on digital transformation.


Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

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