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NewsThursday April 22nd, 2021

Learn the Netiquette to Be Better in…

The research result released by Microsoft is like a slap in the face of Indonesian citizens. The research stated that Indonesian internet citizens are the most impolite in South East Asia. This finding triggers different responses from Indonesian netizens. Is the netiquette of Indonesian netizens that low? Let’s learn what netiquette is to better understand this matter. 

What is Netiquette? 

Netiquette is a combination of “network” and “etiquette”. This term is used to refer to social etiquette on the internet or communication ethics on the internet. Simply put, when communicating on the internet, we also have ethics. 

What are the ethics of communicating on the internet? As stated in, there are several important points in etiquette. 

(1) Humanizing humans

When you communicate with other users in cyberspace, remember that they are also human. They can also be offended, sad, angry, and hurt when they read rude or impolite writing. Therefore, do not leave messages or comments that will hurt other people. 

(2) Follow communication standards in the real world

Even if you don’t have a face to face communication, please apply communication ethics just like when you are in the real world when communicating online. 

Just imagine that you had direct interaction with the person to avoid any unwanted incidents. 

(3) Following the online rules

Groups or forums on social media must have their own rules. For example, when you join the cat lovers forum on Facebook. 

Just like when in public spaces, we are taught not to spit carelessly, to wear masks when we have the flu, not to sit in priority seats, not to talk too loudly, and so on. All of these rules of ethics are not written, but many people adhere to them. 

However, what if the communication or interaction is carried out via laptop or smartphone? Many people are reluctant to learn netiquette because their identity can be hidden when online. This condition makes other people neglect ethics in communication. We could easily leave hate comments on posts of other people who we really don’t know. 

Maintaining these conditions will result in negativity, such as slander, hoax, disputes, causing mental health issues. On the other hand, Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest mobile users in the world. 


(4) Respect to Other People’s Time and Credit

Don’t waste other people’s time and internet credit by sharing negative thoughts and unproductive activity, especially when joining an online forum. Avoid posting basic information and/or repetitive information. If you have dissenting opinions, avoid arguing with other forum members as it may disturb other members.

(5) Try to Look Good on Online World

Our identity may be hidden when we enter the online world, however, that does not mean we can be a jerk to anybody else on the internet. Try to keep on a good image on the internet. When you are about to post something, make sure you write a good post and avoid typos that could lead to misunderstanding.

(6) Share Knowledge

The internet world can be the medium for sharing information and knowledge. If you feel like an expert in some fields, why don’t you try to share knowledge with others? In this way, you can help other people while growing your network.

(7) Be Patience

Dissenting opinions over an issue is something that is inevitable. Therefore, learn how to calmly face issues on the internet and try not to put some nerves. Even when you are in full anger, don’t bring it to the internet. If you already did, don’t hesitate to apologize.

(8) Respect Other People’s Privacy

How to respect other people’s privacy? When you accidentally access other people’s accounts, don’t open any secret information without permission. Do not read emails as it is against the owner’s privacy.

(9) Do Not Abuse the Power

You may have the authority on something, but don’t use it abusively. The big authority must be used for something right. Don’t ever think that when you have the power then you can do something abusive on the internet.

(10) Forgive People

The secret to a peaceful life on the internet is by forgiving. When you make mistakes, apologize. But if people wronged you, forgive them. In this way, the internet world will be less toxic.

After reading this, do you think that netiquette is easy? Basically, face-to-face communication and online communication have unwritten rules. Slowly adapting to it will help you to get used to it.



Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

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