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BlogThursday October 15th, 2020

Amazon Ready to Ship Packages on Drones

When shopping online, you still have to wait a day or two days or even more for packages to arrive at your door. Amazon seems to think that it still too long that they are now officially ready to send packages by drone.

Yep, you heard that right! Amazon is ready to send packages by drone, unmanned, pilotless. Drones are controlled remotely with advanced technology. By using drones, Amazon believes it can shorten the duration of package delivery.

Amazon Obtained Permission from the FAA

Their plan has now come true with the issuance of official permission from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), Amazon is getting more excited to send packages by drone. The FAA gives permission for Amazon to “safely and efficiently deliver packages to customers” which is under Part 135 of the FAA regulations.

Through this license, Amazon will begin the trial for drone packages delivery to customers. Before obtaining this permit, the company has conducted trials many times, as well as providing evidence that their drone delivery is safe.

The drone package delivery is part of the Amazon Prime Air service and therefore, it will be available exclusively for Amazon Prime customers. 

Environmentally Friendly Electric Drone with AI Technology

It is important to know why Amazon invests a lot of money to develop this drone package delivery. We can say that there is a noble mission behind it, Amazon wants to reduce carbon emissions from shipping package by car or airplane. 

Amazon believes the drone package delivery will be able to carry out this noble mission. Powered by rechargeable electricity, the Amazone Prime Air drone is capable of carrying packages weighing up to 3kg in half an hour without polluting the air. It is also capable of flying as far as 24 km.

Also, since the drone is completely unmanned and pilotless it is quite remotely controlled. For this, the company has invested heavily to immerse AI technology in drones.

As a result, the drone can navigate itself safely to the destination of the package. The implanted artificial intelligence is designed to help drones detect telephone wires, people, property, or small animals. This way, the drone can avoid collisions.

Check out how cool the Amazon Prime Air drone is:


  2. Amazon Prime Air

Photo source: Sky photo created by welcomia –

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