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NewsFriday November 6th, 2020

What is AI Specialist

Artificial Intelligence Specialist or AI Specialist is very rare to most people, it even very rare to hear it here in Indonesia. However, Indonesia with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 plan needs a lot of AI Specialists in the future. Therefore, for everyone who still in confusion about what career to pursue, why don’t try to invest in this job? However, before going further, let’s find out what is an AI Specialist.


The Definition of AI Specialist

Quoting from, AI Specialists are people who are experts in computer programming with the main task of checking hypotheses. This hypothesis checking is carried out using cognitive simulations which function to test how the human mind works.

As an example, AI Specialist develops an AI-based security system such as face recognition. Facial recognition technology can help human to find someone’s identity. AI will recognize the face of an object just like the human brain works when recognizing faces. The job of an AI specialist is to develop this system.


The Duty of an AI Specialist 

One thing should understand is that AI Specialist is not a term that refers to one profession. An AI Specialist is a term that is used to refer to a lot of professionals involved in AI development, such as software development manager, software engineer, software analyst, Java developer, research scientist, C# developer, information security engineers, and software analyst. 

The AI Specialist’s job is very broad depending on the sub-profession you choose. If you work as an information security engineer, your job is to ensure the security of computer networks and systems. Meanwhile, research scientists are tasked with designing and processing information related to the project. It all comes back to your sub-profession.


AI Specialist Criteria

To become an AI Specialist, there are many criteria to be met. Compared to other IT-related jobs, this job has higher requirements. Most of the AI Specialists are master graduates while only the rest is holding a bachelor’s degree.

General Criteria for AI Specialist:

  1. A bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position 
  2. Mastering several programing languages (mandatory) 
  3. A master’s degree in computer science, and/or graduates from cognitive science which are a combination of computer science and psychology, anthropology, or philosophy.
  4. Work background as a system analyst with adequate programming skills. 

It is interesting to note that most AI Specialists in the US are graduates from various branches of science. These branches of science include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Statistics, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry.

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If you meet the four criteria above, you can definitely become an AI Specialist that companies are looking for. Interestingly, the AI Specialist’s scope of work is very broad, not limited to the financial and health industries alone. However, in the future, AI Specialists will also be needed in other fields that are starting to develop their businesses using AI technology.


AI Specialist Salary

How about the salary of an AI specialist? On average, AI Specialists in the US in 2018 earned an income of $ 42.43 or around Rp.621.000 per hour. Meanwhile, the development of this job will grow by 8% until 2028. Are you sure you don’t want to pursue this career?




Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

AI Specialist
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