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BlogMonday January 4th, 2021

AI Trainer is The Future Job

In today’s era of disruption due to the advancement of digital technology, a lot of jobs have disappeared because the use of machines and technology has replaced human labor. However, new jobs were soon emerging. Humans as intelligent creatures have to deal with the changing eras.

Even in terms of employment, our dream job ten years ago may not be relevant today. Therefore, humans are also required to always learn throughout their life if they want to survive the changing era.

The Emergence of AI Trainer

One example of employment that previously not exists, but now it is, and is predicted to be increasingly sought after in the future is AI Trainer, the artificial intelligence trainer. Why does the world need humans to train artificial intelligence?

The e-commerce industry, as the most developed industry, compared to a few years ago, is the industry that has made rapid progress. Various types of technology are developed and applied to make the online shopping experience in e-commerce better, safer, and more satisfying.

AI Trainer for Chatbot

One of the features in e-commerce that uses AI is the chatbot. Chatbots have a big influence on sales success in e-commerce because they are the front liners in direct interaction with customers.

The chatbot adopts artificial intelligence and in order for it to function as customer service, serving the customer needs, it must continue to be trained. Chatbots need to be continuously trained so that they can keep up with existing developments and stay relevant to the changing circumstances of the times.

The chatbot must be trained to quickly understand what the customer is asking/demand, and find the answer accurately. High levels of accuracy and speed with a ‘human’ touch are increasingly required for a chatbot. 

So, when a customer decides to ask for help via chatbot, there’s no sense that he/she is now talking to a robot.

Ferry Kusnowo, Lazada Indonesia’s Chief Customer Officer, said that AI Trainers are an important part of their operations. They assess the performance of AI in consumer services by measuring the level of problem-solving or commonly called the Chatbot Resolve Rate (CRR).

According to him again, AI trainers are very instrumental in shaping the character of artificial intelligence. The chatbot must be continuously trained so that he can understand the various language styles of the customer in order to understand the questions.

In addition, chatbots are also expected to be able to recognize a variety of language styles, regional languages, everyday language, and slang that often appear today in communication.

How Does an AI Trainer Work?

An AI Trainer has to analyze the answers given every day, and ‘teach’ the chatbot to recognize various languages ​​and provide solutions in easy-to-understand language.

To become an AI Trainer, it doesn’t have to be someone with a qualification as a programmer. An AI trainer must have analytical skills and creativity to solve complex problems.

AI trainers must understand very well what customers are asking, and what is really a problem for customers. They have to check the data, come up with the best solution, train the chatbot, implement the solution, and see if the solution has an impact on consumers.

According to Felix, chatbots will not be able to completely replace human roles, but chatbots can be very helpful in answering repetitive customer questions. When faced with complex problems, that’s where the creativity and analytical thinking of AI trainers in training chatbots are needed.

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

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