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NewsFriday January 8th, 2021

Reasons Why Should Join 1000 Digital Startup…

Is there a shortcut to bring the digital economy in Indonesia going forward? However, it is said the startup is the biggest hope for the advancement of digital economy success in Indonesia. Based on this belief, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo), in 2016 begins the initiation of the 1000 Digital Startup Movement in Indonesia. Four years later, we can see satisfying results.

What is the 1000 Digital Startup Movement and how is it going so far, let’s take a look below.

1000 Digital Startup Movement is a program by Kominfo with the aim to dig deep and discover, as well as build the Indonesian potential as The Digital Energy of Asia.  This program aims to help the country to grow and develop by leveraging technology.

Startup founders and teams that come up with solutions to various issues in Indonesia are invited to join the program. The chosen startups will receive training and tutoring from mentors to bring their startups to grow and develop and become successful and self-dependent digital startup companies. 


Stages in 1000 Digital Startup Movement  

If you ever watch the Netflix big hit Korean Drama Startup, you might be able to understand the stages to pass the program successfully. The stages to pass the program is similar to the SandBox Hackathon in the Startup Drama. There are at least 5 stages in the 1000 Digital Startup Movement, the ignition, workshop, hack sprint, Bootcamp, and incubation. 

 1 Ignition

For two days consecutive, you will be trained by businesses and regulators from the industry on a seminar at the coworking space. They will introduce the six strategies ecosystem in Indonesia, such as tourism, healthcare, agriculture, education, maritime, and logistics. 

2 Workshop

After that, you will learn the technical and non-technical things in build a startup. This stage is held for 4 weeks in an online course and assignment. 

3 Hacksprint

The next stage is to create a product by design sprint method. This stage lasts for three days and doesn’t worry as they will be a brainstorming session and pitching ideas.  

4 Bootcamp 

In this stage, participants will receive feedback from mentors regarding the MVP validation. The feedback covers products, business, and UX. 

5 Incubation

In Startup drama, you will see Mr. Han give intense coaching in a stage called incubation. And so does this program, it also has an incubation stage. A mentor will be assigned to assist participants for four weeks. Mentor will give 1 on 1 mentoring to all of the team members.  

Through these 5 stages in the program, participants will learn and practice how to build a startup from scratch to the end. It is very beneficial as the program provides world-class mentors. Feedback from mentors will give you insight into the things that need to improve on your startup.

The program also provides office space for free. You and the team can use the coworking space to work. Work in a conducive and competitive environment will create productivity in growing and developing businesses.

This achievement gave us optimism that the digital economy of Indonesia is most likely to be achieved soon, even with the COVID19 pandemic, it turns out that the pandemic can accelerate the digitalization process in Indonesia. 


Mentor in 1000 Digital Startup Movement


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There is a lot of brilliant mentors that join the program, such as Erick Thohir (Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises), Adamas Belva S. (CEO of Ruangguru), Ahmad Zaky (Co-founder Bukalapak), Arif Zamani (CFO Sayurbox), Audrey Maximillan (Co-founder Riliv), and many other. Please check the complete list in the mentor of the 1000 Digital Startup Movement. Are you interested in this program now? Who knows, you might be the founder of the next unicorn startup in Indonesia.  

Currently, the program has created 1000 startups and has more than 78.000 candidates are on the registered list. All of the candidates are trained by more than 400 mentors and more than 300 activators from various sectors. 

What are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start moving, sign up in the 1000 Digital Startup Movement Now! and be the next Nam Do San, Seo Dalmi, or Mr. Han. 




Photo by Emilio Garcia on Unsplash


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