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NewsThursday February 4th, 2021

Digital Fertilizer App by PT Pupuk Indonesia

Have you ever imagine how far is technology can be applied in the industrial world? Actually, technology can help companies to increase productivity and efficiency of factory operation. PT Pupuk Indonesia, for example, is a company that started to utilize technology in its business. They use the Digital Fertilizer app to monitor the factory operation.

What is Digital Fertilizer? Digital Fertilizer is an app used to monitor factory operation and performance. The app can monitor the process, asset, and maintenance of the factory. Besides that, the Digital Fertilizer app can improve reliability, reduce the number of shut down, increase efficiency in maintenance cost and raw material cost.

In practice, the app can also give information about the healthiness of factory tools and equipment. Thus, if damage and/or issues appear, the company can carry out preventive measures and/or early repairment.


Digitalization in PT Pupuk Indonesia

To this day, four of PT Pupuk Indonesia factory has carried out digitalization, they are PKT-5, Kujang-1B, PKG-1B, and Pusri-IIB. The main reason for the company in choosing these four factories is due to the sufficient digital infrastructure in its body. One of these factories is an old factory and the rest is a new factory. During the COVID19 pandemic, the Digital Fertilizer app is proven to be reliable enough in increasing the productivity in these four factories.

Aside from using the Digital Fertilizer app, PT Pupuk Indonesia also uses technology to increase the company’s performance. These technologies for example archive management technology, online attendance using geo-tagging, Pantau COVID19 app (Panco). Panco app used to monitor the fit and healthiness of the employees during the COVID19 pandemic.



Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash


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