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Support for The On-time Production Management Reporting


Japanese Car Parts Manufacturing Plant

  • kintone

Background and Purpose 

The same company produces large parts on the line, an operator at the end of the line writes the number of products produced every hour, informs the line manager, and then, confirmed the total production quantity at the end of the day. After that, the general affairs compiles the information, and the number of total production can be reported to the manager several days later, there are worries that the progress can’t be seen due to production delays and troubles at the site. For that, we decided to introduce kintone as it is a tool that can help to report troubles on time, as well as to communicate with each other.

Our Duties

  • Build Production Control App on Kintone
  • Train the local staff on how to use it 
  • Monthly support for operation/system changes 
First, we had you attend our Kintone seminar and conduct hearing on background introduction and problems. From here, we confirmed the Wifi environment in the factory and the IT know-how of the line staff and select data so that the information necessary for management can be acquired with the minimum information input. We made it possible to check this with the app on kintone and started trial operation. Since it is easy to create a business system with kintone, from the consultation phase to trial operation took only a month and a half process. Also, Kintone allows you to change app specifications for free, we build a system that line staff can easily input data and gather opinions from trial and error at the actual spot.


With the construction of a cloud-based reporting system, reports can be viewed on-time, and reports are now made each time a product is completed, rather than hourly reports. As a result, when a problem occurs, the manager can be notified on-time, and the line staff can make production while checking the achievement status of the target value every hour, which dramatically improves the work efficiency. In addition, the information of Kintone inside the company has deepened, and the fact that the cost does not change even if it is used for other tasks has made the general affairs business paperless. We are now digitizing devices’ repairs/equipment purchase requests.

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