Tri (3) Working on IoT Business in Indonesia

News Thursday February 11th, 2021

Tri (3) Working on IoT Business in Indonesia


These days, companies who are working on IoT business in Indonesia is increasing. Most recently, is the mobile telecommunications operator Tri (3) which states that they currently working on the IoT business in Indonesia.

Indonesia has a great potential for IoT to grow and develop. It attracts tech-companies to begin their work in this field including Tri mobile. Tri mobile try to provide an IoT platform solution for business and professionals in Indonesia.

Their business unit, 3Business will provide access to its loyal customers in the form of control and tracking of IoT devices and assets, through an integrated platform management service and real-time connection package.

Tri (3) Indonesia has undergone a feasibility test (ULO) in some places and the results say that Tri is permitted to hold services Data Communications Systems (Siskomdat). This Siskomdat service allows businesses and professionals to enjoy Tri’s IoT services and their derivatives in accordance with applicable regulatory standards in Indonesia.

Support Businessmen and Professionals Entering the Digital Era

IoT services provided by Tri is a form of support for businesses and professionals in entering the digital era. The innovations and solutions that Tri has always presented aim to help businesses and professionals to increase competitiveness and accelerate business growth in this digital era.

Tri collaborates with various corporate partners to develop a digital ecosystem based on IoT and packed in bundles with affordable data plans. M. Danny Buldansyah as Vice President Director of 3 Indonesia hopes that the synergy and the newly obtained Siskomdat license can provide positive progress for business and professionals, especially during the pandemic.

Synergy with Nokia WING to Work on IoT

To provide IoT solutions, 3Business works with Nokia’s IoT platform, the Nokia WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid). 3Business is a business unit owned by Tri (3) Indonesia that aims to provide business and digital solutions for corporations, governments, and professionals.

3Business focuses on helping customers who wish to create efficiency in digital transformation and business. 

As for Nokia WING, it will continue to provide support for the development of IoT services through the WING network. The WING network has the advantage of being able to easily manage IoT connections and devices through the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). 

This service provides easy access for customers to find out which IoT networks are used and to manage their usage. 

AsiaQuest Indonesia, Japanese Standard Company Supports IoT for Businessmen and Professionals in Indonesia

AsiaQuest Indonesia is an IT consulting company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. AsiaQuest Indonesia, as an experienced IT consultant for years, is now focusing on developing IoT solutions to support companies in entering the digital era.

Through the various services provided, AsiaQuest Indonesia is ready to become the ideal partner for businesses and professionals to achieve success with efficiency by utilizing digital technology.

Contact [email protected] for more information about the services we provide.


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