Happy 8th Anniversary AsiaQuest Indonesia!

News Friday September 11th, 2020

Happy 8th Anniversary AsiaQuest Indonesia!


It has been eight years for PT. AQ Business Consulting Indonesia (AsiaQuest Indonesia or AQI) in serving clients and the community. Since its establishment on September 9th, 2012, we have been going through so many ups and downs to finally stand strong in current positions. Therefore, the 8th AsiaQuest birthday anniversary today feels so special.

All of our staff in AQI Jakarta, AQI Jogja, and those who are in remote working are joining a simple yet humble birthday celebration in an online room. We know that it is not a real birthday party as we do it a little bit differently from the usual birthday celebrations as we celebrate through Google Meets due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

Biggest Appreciation to All of Our Staff, AQI is Continue to Grow 

The online birthday celebration started at 16.45 WIB, hosted by Yosafat Rissy. Our AQI Director, Edy Susanto had the chance to deliver his speech to all of the staff. He revealed that the company’s success is due to continuous contributions from all of the staff.

He wished that AQI will continue to grow as a pioneer in bringing new technologies to Indonesia. He reminds us to always grateful because the company now can works normally despite the COVID19 pandemic in Indonesia. 

After that, Dwi Iswanto, who has worked for the longest time in AQI deliver his testimonial during working in AQI. He has joined the AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office since 2014. It means that he has worked in AQI for six years. Dwi shared his story when he was first joined, the AQI Yogyakarta Branch Office started with only 5 staff members.

However, the company has grown rapidly with many employees working on their specialties. Dwi-san wished that AQI will continue to embrace kinship and cooperation to build a working environment. Thus, the employees will work hand in hand in reaching even greater ambitions.

Our birthday anniversary was more solemn with a prayer led by Dyan Raditya Sinukarta, Yogyakarta Branch Office Manager. On this occasion, he delivered a string of prayers for the success of the employees and the company. It is hoped that AQI can continue to grow and become a better company.

Special Video and Blowing Candle 

To remember the AQI journey 8 years ago, our team has prepared a special video. This video showcasing a short history of AQI from the first time it was established until now. Please watch the video below.

When talking about birthday celebrations, we can’t miss the traditions, blowing the candle and cut a birthday cake! We’ve prepared three birthday cakes in Jakarta Office and Yogyakarta Branch Office. The blowing candles and cut the cake segment were represented by Edy Susanto (Jakarta) and Dyan Raditya Sinukarta (Yogyakarta).

Besides that, to make the event more exciting, the company has prepared a quiz with special gifts for the winners. All of our staff were happily joining the quiz. Five winners get OVO balance.

Our birthday celebration was closed with an online photo group! As we grow old, we wish that AQI can contribute to the digital world of Indonesia. We look forward to AQI in the future. Let’s continue to grow for a better future.

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