The Differences Between Copywriter and Content Writer

News Monday July 12th, 2021

The Differences Between Copywriter and Content Writer


Some people may think that copywriters and content writers are the same. In fact, these two jobs have different tasks and responsibilities.

If you look for a writer to hire, first you must know the differences between a Copywriter and a Content Writer to avoid any misunderstanding later. And if you are a writer who wishes to pursue a career in the digital world, you also need to know whether to pursue a career as a copywriter or content writer. 

So, what is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer? Let’s take a look closer at our descriptions below.

The Similarities Between Copywriter and Content Writer

Before knowing its differences, just keep in mind that both copywriters and content writers write something. However, the writing crafted by each of them is significantly different. Now, look at the differences between them.

What is a Copywriter?

A copywriting is a type of job that requires skills in crafting and/or composing words and language to be able to convince readers to take action, whether to buy a product, use a service, or get involved in something. Someone who does Copywrite is a copywriter.

Copywriting is a writing technique whose purpose is marketing. A copywriter’s job is to write copy text that can increase reader awareness of a brand (brand awareness). Their writings are often short but aiming at big impact, and are usually published on social media.

What is a Content Writer?

Content writers usually write content whose purpose is to inform, educate, entertain, or instruct. The writings created by content writers also aim to strengthen the connection between readers and a brand/organization.

Usually, Content writers write longer, informative, and well-structured articles to be published on websites or blogs. 

The Differences between Copywriters and Content Writers

There are several aspects to look at when we wish to see the differences between copywriter and content writers such as the following.

(1) Purpose of Writing

Copywriting sells an idea, brand, or ideology and is an advertorial in nature as it aims to encourage readers to buy a product or use a service.

While content writers are required to be able to write informative and high-quality writings, to better educate readers about something, whether it’s a product or service.

(2) Writing Style

In terms of writing style, copywriters are required to make persuasive copy text, stir the hearts of large audiences through a short copy text in a short time.

In contrast to content writers who write informative and descriptive articles, content writers must adhere to the rules of writing in journalism and understand research techniques to develop rich content. 

(3) Length 

Due to its characteristics, copy text is often published for social media where limited space is available. However, social media is a large community that you want your copy text to reach as many people as possible in a relatively short time.

While content writers responsible for informative and descriptive writing, we know it will certainly be long and detailed and requires the right space, for example, a blog. Blogs can accommodate longer content such as articles.

(4) Product

A copywriter is responsible for creating copy for headlines, taglines, and slogans. Sometimes, they also copy the text for social media, email marketing, TV and radio ad scripts, video scripts, press releases, billboards, etc.

Meanwhile, content writers produce longer and informative writings such as blog articles, magazines, books/ebooks, podcasts, etc.

(5) Writing Optimization

The writings produced by copywriters and content writers must be optimized, it’s just that the optimization focus area between the two is different. 

Copywriters produce copy text that is shorter in the number of words and sentences so that the focus of optimization is on choosing words or sentences that can stir the hearts of many people. Because the copy text is short, it will be difficult to apply SEO practices for optimization. But in general, copy text for social media can be powered by using hashtags. 

In contrast to copywriters, content writers produce long writings that there is a lot of room available for SEO optimization. Therefore, it is not surprising that their writings have a good SEO and can be easily searched on Google SERP. Their writing is often used to get traffic from Google.

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