The Importance of Email Marketing for Business

News Friday January 29th, 2021

The Importance of Email Marketing for Business


Email marketing is one of the strategies in internet marketing that has a great power to drive sales. Email marketing’s main characteristics lie in its direct interaction between seller and buyer, therefore, it has to be maintained carefully to attract customers and drive sales.

The Benefit of Email Marketing

Millions of people in the world use emails, to be precise, around 2,5 billion people worldwide (Radicati Group Research). The number is predicted to continue to increase from year to year.

By seeing the large number of email users, can you imagine the potential of email marketing hold? People around us are using emails, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, father, and mother. Email address is required when creating a social media account. The possibility of them using emails is big, especially when seeing people now are active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, it is most likely that people will create email account before creating a social media account. People who rarely use email does not mean that they don’t have an account. It is almost certain that they hold one but rarely open it. However, their email account must be logged in on phone.

Email is Personal

Email address is personal, private, so if you want to obtain someone’s email address it is better to obtain it under the owner’s knowledge. Email address is like a home address, the homeowner gives their home address carefully with mindful thinking. Reckless in managing home address may bring you uninvited guess.

The same goes for an email address, it is also personal and can’t be recklessly managed. Not everyone can get your email address, only people you intended to can get your email address. Giving someone your email address means that you allow them to send an email to your email.

Businessmen can’t ignore Email Marketing

Are you a businessman? If you are a businessman, you can’t ignore the power of email marketing. Email marketing is the easiest, cheap, yet powerful marketing strategy to drive sales. Why? Because its main trait is a direct communication method between your company and the customer.

In simple, you can sell your product and services by direct promotion to the customers via email. If email is well prepared, personalized to the customer’s criteria, it is not possible to drive many sales by using email. 

Obtaining Customer Email

Almost everything is not easy at the beginning, and so does email marketing. Before you can start sending email marketing to customers, make sure to obtain their email address first. But how to obtain customers’ email?

There are many ways to obtain customers’ email, however, make sure to use the right and legal way. Buy a list of the email address on the dark web on the internet is unwise as people on the list are most likely didn’t put their name and email address there with their consent. Someone might obtain the list illegally and sell them on the dark web.

The right way and legal way is by using a website. If you sell products and services online, chances are you already have a website. Create a subscription section on the website intended for users that might have been interested in your product, but don’t make purchases yet. If they interested in your product, they might be willing to put their name and email address on the subscription section.

Use Email Tools

After obtaining hundreds of millions of email addresses, now you can send email promotions. But how often should you send email promotions?

It is certainly you should regularly send email promotions, not once or twice. However, creating email promotions and sending them to hundreds even millions of recipients in a regular way might be exhausting for you.

Therefore, you need the help of email tools. Email tools are available today with interesting features offered. You can subscribe to a paid plan to get full services such as MailChimp, HubSpot,, constant contact, etc. Subscribe to a paid plan might save you energy and time. It certainly a good investment considering the benefit you will receive in the future.

Email tools can help you to make an attractive promotion page adjusted to the email layout, without excessive traits, but powerful enough. You can personalize email better if you use email tools. So, why don’t give it a try?

Email marketing is not the only way

Okay, it is true that email marketing is a powerful strategy, however, it is not the only way to drive sales. If you want to get a further understanding of this matter, please read our article the 7 Internet Marketing Strategies You Need To Know.

The article mentioning 7 strategies in internet marketing to drive sales. Email marketing is only one of the many strategies to drive sales. You need to combine various strategies in internet marketing if you want to succeed in driving sales.

Email marketing is an easy and low cost, so why don’t we try it?

As an online businessman, you have your own product and services to sell, has created an attractive web page, and while Google drives traffic to your web page, try to reach the potential customer by sending email marketing to promote the product and services you sell.

First, second, third, etc might not succeed, but who said you can send email just once or twice? Send email promotions every day, or if you are afraid to be marked as spam, you can send it every 2 days, every 3 days, or once a week, etc. But keep in mind to be consistent in sending emails regularly.

Even if email marketing has not given you sales, it is no problem. At least, your brand will be remembered by people, or they happened to click the link on the email and visit your website, it can drive traffic and increase engagement! So, give email marketing a try!


Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

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