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Blog May 11th, 2021

Know the Bad Influencers You Need to…

Bad influencers are the influencers who set a bad example for society. If you’re not familiar with influencers yet, then you have to know that over the past few years influencer marketing has proliferated.

There are many types of influencers in the market, you can find YouTube influencers, Instagram Influencers, TikTok influencers, and/or other social media influencers that are active in social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. What you have to note here is that these influencers don’t have to be actors and actresses on the television screens. 

Actors and actresses are true can also be an influencer on social media, but actually, everyone can have the opportunity to become an influencer. An ordinary person who tries to pursue a career as an influencer, they may have been working hard on their own to build their own brand, gaining follower, to finally be able to earn the fame that mostly for commercial purposes.

Influencers with thousands of followers or even millions of followers shall be responsible for their actions. Their followers will set an eye for everything about the influencers, their behavior, what they wear, what they eat, drink, where they go, etc.

Thus, influencers shall set a good example for their followers. However, not all influencers set a good example for their followers. If you are a parent of a kid or teenager with the gadget, knowing what your kids follow on the internet is a must. Therefore, you need to know the good and the bad influencers. If you spot the bad one, it is better to unfollow. 

You can know if an influencer is good or bad by knowing their characteristics. Bad influencers don’t hesitate to show their bad attitude on their social media accounts, and sometimes they put defense by saying that they’re being honest about what they really are. However, a bad attitude should not be followed, right?

Let’s take a look at how to spot bad influencers below.

(1) Dealing with negative comments

Influencers are ordinary people, sometimes their posts can cause haters too. Haters often give negative comments to influencers, and how the influencers deal with these negative comments, is noteworthy.

If the influencers seem to fail to behave when dealing with negative comments, and they strike back with a massive amount of anger and dirty words, maybe it is time to stop following them. 

Haters will always exist but if you can well-manage your mind and behavior to deal with negative comments, there will be peace for everyone.


(2) Posts / content

Many young Indonesians become influencers at a very young age. Not a few of them, due to the social circle, are then become emotional. This is understandable because since young they have become the center of attention and may receive unpleasant comments and create a tough heart. These influencers sometimes put resentment on their social media page and millions of their followers will see it.

Some other influencers are active in the nightlife, going to clubs, drinking, etc and with social media accounts, they can post these activities freely. For Indonesian, being drunk, clubbing, etc is inappropriate, and put it on social media posts will surely invite negative comments from haters. 

(3) Low Engagement 

One of the perks of being an influencer is the opportunity to earn money by opening an endorsement. Regardless of whether the product and/or services promoted are good or bad, or the fact that the influencers might not actual users of the products, it doesn’t matter. What’s matters here is the user engagement that the influencers offer to the clients. 

Some influencers are using bots to increase engagement such as likes and follows. These influencers may have thousands of followers but when they post something, they get small likes and comments. In this case, it may be that the influencers are indeed using bots and their followers are not loyal and real followers. 

So that’s a little information about bad influencers who show a bad attitude, who don’t provide good engagement for endorsements, and who don’t hesitate to post ‘inappropriate’ things on social media pages. These influencers, you may want to unfollow. There are many good influencers who provide a good example with positive and useful content every day. 


Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

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