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Blog April 28th, 2021

5 Sites and Mobile Applications That Provide…

March is the deadline for every taxpayer in Indonesia to report their SPT online or often called the efiling. Since 2011, the government has provided e filing to ease every taxpayer in reporting. The number of taxpayers who choose e filing is increasing from year to year. 

Now, for 2021, the government only provides the efiling online. However, the website intended for efiling which is in is often lagging or even hangs due to the sudden massive in access. 

But, actually, aside from carrying out efiling via the djponline website, taxpayers can report their SPT online via other sites and mobile apps that are available as official partners of the DJP. What are those? Let’s take a look at the following details. 


(1) DJP Online


DJP Online is the official website for the Tax Directorate General which is specifically designed for online SPT reporting, ID Billing creation, and access to personal and annual corporate tax return forms.

To doe-filing via the DJP Online website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on, then log in with your NPWP number and password. If you do the report for the first time, click ‘Register’ and follow the steps to register for an account.
  2. Click the ‘Report’ tab.
  3. Select the method you preferred, by using the PDF e-form, and by filling it directly on the website.

Please choose the method you want and follow the guidelines provided by the system.


(2) OnlinePajak


OnlinePajak is a website managed by another party but is an official partner for DJP online through Decree No. 193 / PJ / 2015. The letter allows OnlinePajak to provide e-filing. Personal taxpayers can do e filing by accessing the OnlinePajak website and mobile app. Taxpayers who do efiling via the OnlinePajak will receive a receipt from DJP indicating that the e filing is complete. 

OnlinePajak will not charge users for the efiling services. Check their page here or download the OnlinePajak android mobile application.


(3) is a tax application service provider (PJAP) which is the official partner of the DJP through Decree No. KEP – 169 / PJ / 2018. provides tax-related services such as calculating taxes, pay taxes, and report SPT online (efiling) for free. provides an easy e filing system for personal taxpayers and corporate taxpayers. You will also receive an Electronic Receipt (BPE) directly from the DJP after completing efiling via the Klik



(4) Pajakku


Apart from DJP online and OnlinePajak, you can also report your SPT online via the Pajakku website. Pajakku claims to have obtained an official license from the DGT through SK KEP 617 / PJ / 2019. You can create billing codes, pay taxes, and report tax returns through the site.

Make sure you have created an account at Pajakku first before doing e filing.


(5) BRI


You can also report online via the BRI website. Visit e filing BRI and register. BRI e filing registration is carried out by filling in a number of data such as NPWP number, desired password, e-FIN, telephone number, e-mail, registrant name, and position (fill in as PRIVATE if reporting personal NPWP).

Now you can do e filing with ease and fast and secure via the five sites and apps above. Make sure to report before the due date to avoid a fine!


  5. e filing BRI

Photo by Daniele D’Andreti on Unsplash

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