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Blog March 3rd, 2021

10 Best Digital Thermometer of 2021

The digital thermometer is a mandatory item at home. It even more important now knowing that one of the COVID19 symptoms is fever. Therefore, measuring body temperature is important. However, choosing the best digital thermometer to keep at home may not be easy. 

Below are some of the best digital thermometers of 2021.


1. Omron MC-245 Digital Thermometer


Omron MC-245 is on our first list because the Omron brand has long been known for its quality. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Omron products. 

In addition to its low price, the Omron MC-245 Digital Thermometer can take body temperature readings safely, accurately, and quickly. This thermometer is for use in the mouth, rectal (anus), and armpit. It supports body temp reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

The thermometer features a memory to store the last measurement results and the lowest temperature measurement up to 0.1oC. Even though it is small, the thermometer is equipped with an LED screen to display the temperature readings. The beep indicator will sound when the measurement is complete. 

The Omron thermometer is water-resistant, the battery life is up to 5000 times the measurement. 


2. Digital Rossmax TG380Q Thermometer


Digital Rossmax TG380Q Thermometer is a must-have digital thermometer, especially if you have babies or children at home. Rossmax TG380Q Digital Thermometer only takes 10 seconds to measure body temperature, suitable for measuring the body temperature of children and babies who prone to move a lot.

The result is accurate and suitable for everyday use. Measurement units are available in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer is elastic, washable (waterproof), auto shut-off, and an indicator for low batteries.

Rossmax is an international medical device manufacturer, so there is no doubt about its quality.


3. Digital Onemed ThermoONE Alpha 1


Onemed is quite famous in Indonesia. We often see its product such as Onemed alcohol sanitizer, alcohol wipes, etc. Onemed also sells a digital thermometer called the Digital Onemed ThermoONE Alpha 1. The thermometer can store the last measurement and will automatically off if not used for 10 minutes. 

The Digital Onemed ThermoONE Alpha 1 thermometer is more suitable for adults because the temperature reading is quite long, which is 60 seconds. 


4. Harmed Thermometer Infrared


Harmed Thermometer Infrared is a super fast and sophisticated digital thermometer. Body temperature measurement speed is 1 second, it’s incredibly fast! Point the infrared sensor at the forehead or eardrum to measure body temperature.

This thermometer can be used for babies, children, and adults. What’s even cooler? Well, this thermometer can even measure room temperature! 


5. DOTORY Infrared Forehead Thermometer


Measuring the body temperature of babies and children can sometimes be a challenge because children tend to move around a lot. DOTORY Infrared Forehead Thermometer might be a solution because of the fast measurement time, which is only 3 seconds.

The thermometer uses infrared so we can use it simply by firing it into the forehead. The auto-off feature after 1 minute of non-use help to create long-lasting battery life.


6. Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer – JXB-310


Xiaomi issued a digital thermometer called the Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Thermometer – JXB-310. It has an ergonomic shape and comfortable grip. Its feature is amazing, which is able to measure up to 0.1oC. 

Simply direct the thermometer to the forehead within a distance of not less than 3cm, the thermometer will vibrate when the temperature measurement is complete.


7. Puremed PRM-168 Infrared Thermometer 4 in 1 


Puremed PRM-168 Infrared Thermometer 4 in 1 can measure various kinds of objects. In addition to measuring body temperature, it can be used to measure room temperature, food, milk, or hot water in a bath.

If you are looking for a thermometer for home needs that can be used for various things, then this thermometer is the answer.


8. Beurer BY 20 Pacifier Thermometer 


This thermometer has a unique shape, it looks just like a pacifier. Seeing the shape, we can understand that this thermometer is specially designed for babies. The tip of the nipple on the thermometer is hygienically designed, made of soft, glass-free, mercury-free material which is safe for babies.


9. Avico Digital Elastic Thermometer


Avico Digital Elastic Thermometer has an elastic tip making it easier to take temperature measurements. Measurements can be made by inserting the tip of the thermometer into the rectal area, tucked under the armpit, or under the tongue.

With just a few seconds it is able to give accurate measurements.


10. OEM Digital Infrared Thermometer


It is a digital thermometer that is suitable for the needs of the whole family. This thermometer can take temperature measurements quickly. Use it on the ear canal or forehead when taking body temperature. The price is friendly in the pocket makes it a good choice for families.

So, those are 10 digital thermometers that are suitable for completing medical devices at home during a pandemic. 


Photo by Anton on Unsplash

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