Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s Latest IoT Device

News Friday February 19th, 2021

Mi Watch, Xiaomi’s Latest IoT Device


Xiaomi never failed to amaze the Indonesian mobile market, now they are expanding its business by launching the Mi Watch. Mi Watch is Xiaomi’s commitment to the IoT. Apart from the Mi Watch, Xiaomi also released the Mi Watch Lite and 3 variants for the Mi TV 4 product line.

Xiaomi’s efforts to expand its business to the IoT (Internet of Things) smart device ecosystem are not without reason. The Chinese technology company continues to develop its IoT products to complement the lifestyle of its users.

Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite

As smart devices with IoT technology, what does Xiaomi offer through Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite?

Well, the IoT technology on the smart device can monitor the human body, detect sports activity, and provide important physical information such as heart rate, sleep cycle, and stress levels.

Both the Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite can withstand water levels up to 50 meters.

In addition, for sports enthusiasts, Mi Watch can auto-detect 117 different types of exercise. Each time you exercise, Mi Watch will record the data. Unfortunately, Mi Watch Lite can only detect 11 types of sports.

Never Missed Any Notifications

Even if your cellphone is in your pocket or in the bag, you will no longer miss important notifications. The Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite will show the notifications for you. Incoming messages or calls can be read immediately, even emojis in messages can also be displayed on the watch.

Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite is the first debut of the Xiaomi watch in the Indonesian market. If you are interested in trying the IoT technology in these two watches, you can buy them at 1.5 million rupiahs for Mi Watch and 800.000 for Mi Watch Lite.

Full Specifications of Mi Watch

The Mi Watch display is designed in a circular shape with a tempered glass layer as protection. The diameter of the device is 1.32 inches with a screen resolution of 454×454 pixels and is an AMOLED panel. The brightness level reaches 450 nits.

The Mi Watch weighs 32 grams, equivalent to A4 paper, so light you won’t feel like you’re wearing it all day long. 

Some interesting features are added to support the exercise needs, including a sleep time tracker, air pressure detector, altitude detector, smartphone camera controller, and many others.

The Mi Watch is powered by a 420 mAh capacity battery that can last up to 16 days. They use Apollo 3 chipset with the RTOS operating system and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Full Specifications of Mi Watch Lite

Different from Mi Watch which carries a round screen shape, Mi Watch Lite actually adopts a square screen. A square screen design in Mi Watch Lite will remind us of the smartwatch product from Apple, the Apple Watch.

The Mi Watch Lite screen is a 1.4-inch 2.5D IPS LCD with a resolution of 320×320 pixels. The Mi Watch Lite weighs a little more than the Mi Watch, which is 35 grams.

Unfortunately, the Lite version of the Mi Watch can only record 11 sport modes, unlike the Mi Watch which can record up to 117 sport modes.

Mi Watch Lite cannot monitor oxygen levels like the Mi Watch, but it can still measure heart rate.

Mi Watch Lite is water-resistant up to 5 ATMs, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a selectable interface design of up to 120 different options. 

Mi Watch Lite is powered by a 230mAh battery to accompany users for up to 9 days. Mi Watch Lite can also display message notifications and calls.



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