Grab Revealed: New Habits on Society during the COVID19 Pandemic

News Wednesday September 30th, 2020

Grab Revealed: New Habits on Society during the COVID19 Pandemic


After months of quarantine at home, do you feel any changes in your habits? However, whether you realize it or not, the COVID19 pandemic has caused changes in people’s habits. Seeing this phenomenon, Grab has summarized four new habits developed by the people during the COVID19, based on usage statistics.

Do you curious about how far is the pandemic brings changes to people’s lives, especially for Grab users? Read our summarize below.

1. Buy Healthy Food on GrabFood

COVID19 has brought people to understand how important it is to consume healthy food. GrabFood revealed that there is an increase in healthy food order by 7,4%. However, this condition only applies to Indonesia, because healthy food order in other countries is decreasing during the pandemic. 

This increase is due to the fear of COVID19 that people choose to eat healthy food to keep their stamina and immune.

2.  Snacking during Quarantine with GrabMart

GrabMart is one of the Grab services that receive the blessings from the COVID19. With many people work from home, the need for snacks is increasing. Many of them buy their snacks through GrabMart. The percentage of users using GrabMart is increased by 22% as of March 2020.

3. Online Shopping

COVID19 pandemic is never a reason to stop shopping for Grab users. The positive side of the pandemic is that it increases the sales of local products that sell through the social sellers Grab. Grab users choose online shopping with GrabExpress. In March 2020, GrabExpress usage is increasing by 21,5%.

The delivery point that previously dominated by office and housing area is now changing. According to data obtained by Grab, this delivery point changes to bank area (12%), healthcare facilities (13,6%), and housing (41,5%).

4. Sharing with Grab Driver

The COVID19 pandemic has driven the Grab users to share fortune to the Grab drivers, either its tipping or food. Users have the chance to choose any menu from the GrabFood merchant to be given to the Grab driver.

Asides from that, tipping is increasing by up to 38% in March 2020. Tipping nominal also increases by 63%. Sharing and solidarity from the Grab users are increasing during the COVID19 pandemic.

That is the four new habits of Grab users during the COVID19 pandemic. Aside from developing a new habit of online shopping, Grab users also care more about others by sharing is caring acts. So how about you? What big changes that happened to your life recently?



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