How the Internet of Things (IoT) Works

News Thursday October 15th, 2020

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Works


Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly gains recognition after the hacking of the Garmin platform. The hacking is very unfortunate but thanks to this, people now understand that IoT is important in life. In Garmin cases, the flight activity was interrupted because the Garmin Pilot and Fly Garmin apps were inaccessible. So, how does the Internet of Things work that its function is vital even aviation company use it? 


Understanding the Internet of Things

If you want to understand how the Internet of things (IoT) works, you must understand the definition in advance. IoT is a system that can run without direct human intervention. In other words, this system does not require human-to-human contact or human-machine contact. Humans can operate this system remotely. 

The main concept of IoT is connecting various devices automatically. Thus, you can use it to complete a task or job, such as learning, analyzing, and collecting data automatically.


Why is the Internet of Things Needed? 

Do you wish to improve the quality of products and services? If so, you should start considering IoT. IoT has a big role in increasing business productivity and efficiency. 

IoT is believed to be able to cut operational costs (savings) and production time (productivity). Savings and productivity can be the main keys to the success of your business in the digital age. 


How the Internet of Things Works

Next, we will describe how the Internet of Things (IoT) works. IoT can work properly from the connectivity between IoT devices and the cloud. After IoT devices are connected to the cloud, the data will begin to be analyzed automatically without any human intervention. This means that this system can be monitored and managed remotely and operates flexibly. 

But please note that the data can only be processed if it is connected to the cloud. After processing, the results will be visualized in various forms, such as e-mails, warnings, notifications, etc. End users can also use this data to take further action or to check the system directly. 

So, that is how the IoT and how it works. With the digital transformation, IoT will undoubtedly become the key technology used in the world. 



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