AQI Sports: Futsal and Pingpong

News Friday September 11th, 2020

AQI Sports: Futsal and Pingpong


It is common that sports have the power to unite a group or nation. A group that initially separated, suddenly came together to defend their sports team. Seeing how great the benefits of exercise are, PT AQI Business Consulting Indonesia (AQI) has also prepared a special budget to support employee sports activities. Thus, AQI employees can exercise together after work.  

By doing sports together, employees can improve communication and teamwork. In addition to that, AQI Sports aims to maintain the physical fitness and health of employees. Our daily activities at work had made us sit and focus in front of the laptop for eight hours. That daily routine is not good for health, therefore, there should be a balance in life and we can try that with sports. In the end, sports can maintain health and will affect the quality and productivity of employees. 

Various Types of Sports at AQI Sports

The company gives employees the freedom to choose the type of sport they want to do. Therefore, we don’t stick to certain sports. Also, not all employees are joining sports activities because it is not mandatory activities from the office. Whenever you can join sports, you can and you may join. 

But, usually, the guys chose futsal. The futsal game sometimes is not only between the internal team at AQI, but we did several matches with the team from other IT companies in Yogyakarta. It is certainly effective to improve teamwork. The internal team at AQI must fight hard to win the game under the company’s flag.

The other benefit of this match is, to obtain a connection with employees who works in the same IT world. Who knows, later we can work together at the same projects, right?

After futsal, we try Pingpong when we move to the new office in Demangan. The company bought us a new pingpong table. We usually have a ping pong game at break lunch or after work.

Now, we stop sports activities due to remote working. If the pandemic ended and office activities back to the old normal, we will certainly share our fun from AQI sports.

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