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News September 24th, 2020

Three Facts in Garmin Hack

The Garmin hack is a huge blow to the digital industry. Garmin, as one of the pioneers in the Internet of Things (IoT), is known to be famous in the world. Since being hacked, Garmin has been down and inaccessible to the user. The occurrence creates a dilemma for IoT developers for the unsolid and weak security that hackers have managed to break into the system.

The chronological events of the Garmin hacks have been summarized in the following facts.

1. Garmin was attacked by ransomware called the Wastedlocker

Ransomware called as the Wastedlocker is suspected to be behind the Garmin hack. Garmin has been down for five days due to the attack by the ransomware. The attack has hit the Garmin Connect, a platform for tracking and analyzing physical activities in Garmin applications.

Moreover, the application used for pilot scheduling and GPS, the Pilot Garmin, and Fly Garmin has been failed to operate due to the attack.

2. A Russian Hacker, an FBI Fugitive is the Mastermind

They tracked down who’s behind this attack and it leads to a famous Russian hacker group called  Evil Corps. The Evil Corps leads by 33 years old hacker, Maksim Viktorovich Yakubets. Maksim is also an FBI fugitive with an award value of 5 million dollars, or equivalent to Rp74 billion! For more information, please visit the FBI Website.

3. Demanded 10 Million Dollars or 146 Billion Rupiahs to Rescue the Data

If Garmin is wishing to return to normal operations, they must be prepared to pay a ransom of $10 million. Nonetheless, there is no sign that Garmin will live up to these demands as the hackers fail to steal or access customer payment data on Garmin Pay.

The attack has given an alert for developers behind the Garmin system that they should immediately fix the security system on IoT so that the same case won’t appear again in the future. Threats to the system are threats to human life.


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