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News November 24th, 2021

5 Best Virtual Desktops Suitable for Work…

The pandemic has led to a new working trend, the work from home. However, to safely and effectively conduct work from home, a new technology that can support these needs is required. Luckily, there is now a technology called virtual desktop that allows staff to access their personal office workspace from anywhere the location is. This means that region and location are no longer obstacles for the staff to work.

Apart from working from any location in the world, the virtual desktops also freed the staff from having to use the company’s devices. Personal devices such as iPad, Android tab, iPhone, Android phone, Mac, and Windows PC can be used to access staff personal office workspaces, just like accessing office computers.

This also means that companies can free themselves from having a dependency on hardware. Virtual desktops can minimize hardware procurement, reduce the number of staff computer upgrades, etc.

So, what are the best virtual desktops that currently exist? Here are the 5 of them, and who knows you will need them so you can let your staff work from anywhere they are.

(1) V2 Cloud

The V2 Cloud is claimed to be the virtual desktops that best fit with the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) needs. Compared to using the cloud-desktop-based infrastructure that is usually pricey, V2 might be the better option.

The V2 Cloud offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or also known as desktop virtualization. Desktop virtualization allows staff to access data, business applications, documents, and other files, safe and secure, from anywhere the location, regardless of the device used. The desktop experience offered by the V2 Cloud is of the highest quality with monitoring and technical support 24/7.

The V2 Cloud can hold up to 250 members. Each of the members can share documents and applications while doing work on the virtual desktop. The system conducts backup every day so you don’t lose your important documents and data.

The newly assigned member can immediately access their personal workspace, access data, and documents, even with their personal device. No need to plug in external devices to connect to your virtual desktop.

With a virtual desktop, your company’s data will never leave the desktop, it is all stored securely on the cloud.

(2) Kamatera

Kamatera is the virtual desktop that is mainly used in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Kamatera supports various OS such as Windows, Linux, and customized OS. Kamatera claimed to be the fastest cloud for the following reasons:

  1. The fastest processor Intel Platinum 8270
  2. Public & Private Network Speed 40 Gbit
  3. Solid-State Drive (SSD) Storage without I/O barriers
  4. Guaranteed Dedicated Resources for each server
  5. The easy-to-use cloud management console for deployment in seconds

(3) Shells

Shells develop a virtual desktop environment aimed at students, staff, creators, programmers, or anyone who needs it. Shells can give you a strong and secure desktop, accessible from anywhere using any type of device such as smart TV, smartphones, etc.

Unlock the full potential of and performance of your desktop computer and use it to write codes on phone, create music tracks on television, and many more. You can start your own project with Shells on any type of device such as the cloud.

Even when you’re on a trip, whether it is on a bus, train, or plane, you can still download, access, store, and edit documents. Shells also release you from the OS dependency like the Windows OS and macOS because you can use the desktop version of MS Excel on your iPad, or play PC games on your Android phone.

Most importantly, your data is securely stored in the Cloud with end-to-end encryption and a firewall.

(4) Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Workspaces is also a Desktop as a Service (DaaS). They manage cloud desktops securely and create easy access to their users by only using their personal devices.

Amazon Workspaces can help you safely store the company’s documents and applications with encryption. In addition, you can reduce costs since you will likely reduce the upgrade hardware requirement.

The Amazon WAM (Workplace Application Manager) creates flexible, faster, and secure implementation and application management. It will handle all updates, patches, and app removal on the virtual system. It will also quickly provide desktop apps to your virtual system.

Amazon Workspaces is accessible from any type of device such as Windows computers, Mac computers, iPad, android tab, chrome browser, firefox browsers, etc.

(5) Microsoft Azure

The virtual desktop by Microsoft Azure might be the best solution for desktop virtualization. It provides native support to Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5 so you will likely have no trouble when accessing from any type of device and browser.

Microsoft Azure gives you a remote desktop infrastructure containing roles that can be managed. It supports modern apps like OneNote and Office 365. Be it full desktop or remote apps, or both, set the usage as needed and pay on the go.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that the virtual desktop is the future for work from home trends? The tech-savvy and flexibility offered by the virtual desktop is quite promising. Anybody now won’t be refused to be given the opportunity to work from anywhere the location regardless of the device they used.


Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash


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