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News March 17th, 2021

Find a Trusted and Reliable Software House…

To find a trusted and reliable software house company in Jakarta online is like doing online shopping. When you try to find by online, you are much freer to check several software house companies at once without feeling uncomfortable being watched by “the owner”. However, isn’t choosing a software house online much riskier than coming to the office in person? Seeing this, we made a review related to trusted software houses in Jakarta and tips for finding it online.

If you follow our tips, who knows you may find the right software house company without the need to get up from your seat.


(1) Check the Company Track Record 

Just like when we go through the selection process for finding the best new candidate of employees, selecting the best software house company in Jakarta can start by checking their track records. A good software house company will show their portfolio on their official online page.

Therefore, the first step to do is to visit their official online page (company official website) and find their portfolios. What information can you obtain from a software house portfolio project?

If you ever heard the English proverb saying killing two birds with one stone, then you will know that checking a portfolio may give you various benefits. You can obtain information related to the project track record, clients, service details, and the company IT team capabilities.

Checking their service details will give you insight into the solutions that the software house offered to their clients. From the solutions displayed, is there something that brings your attention? Now you may be one step closer to a software house you’ve been looking for.


(2) Does the Services Suits with the Project Portfolio?

If you grew interest after checking the portfolio, you can take the next step. It is to find out if their services suit with project portfolio.

This step is important to ensure that the software house you aim for is having enough experience in carrying out web system development projects for your company.


(3) Know the Project Workflow 

The next step is to know the project flow from the software house you aim for. When looking at the project workflow, you may find the process of how a product or service is created.

The workflow will help you to suppress the risk that may arise during the development process. Check whether their workflow is fitted with the workflow from your company. 

So how if their workflow is different from the workflow from your team? Well if you are lucky enough, you may find a software house that carries flexibility in their system. They may follow the client’s needs based on the situation. 


(4) Check Their Review 

Lastly, you may want to check the review of the software house you aim for. Sometimes, software houses will put client testimonials on their official online page. Testimonials and reviews will help you to know how good is the quality and credibility of the software house.

Check where the reviews are come from, or you can look out on IT forums to find recommendations of software houses. Sometimes, asking for a recommendation from a business partner may also good idea.

After reading the above information, do you believe now that selecting a software house company is very similar to shopping online? You will have to know the detailed services, read testimonials and reviews, etc. After all the criteria are fully met, you can contact the software house you aim for to ask for pricing and project development timeline.

Trusted and Reliable Software House Company in Jakarta

PT AQ Business Consulting Indonesia is also known as AsiaQuest Indonesia (AQI) is one of the recommended software houses in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The Japanese subsidiary of an IT consulting firm offers a Japanese standard of services that are fully meet the above criteria. 

Below is a fact check from the Jakarta and Jogja-based IT consulting firms.

1 Having company portfolio on the official website (✓)

AsiaQuest Indonesia has carried out hundreds of projects from companies in Indonesia and Japan. Check the detailed project in Portfolio of AsiaQuest Indonesia.

2 Service information in line with the portfolio (✓) 

Services are very clear and complete detailed. You can easily match it with the company portfolio of AsiaQuest Indonesia.

3 Clear and flexible project flow (✓)

AsiaQuest Indonesia applies the One-Stop Service model to serve various needs and issues. Contact our team to find solutions for website and web system development, mobile apps development, system maintenance and support service, internet marketing, and SEO, content creation, and Kintone

4 Customer reviews and testimonials (✓)

You can also find client testimonials on the company’s official website. Find out more here

These four facts also proves the credibility of AsiaQuest Indonesia. Although the COVID-19 pandemic restricts people to have direct contact, our IT team will respond to your needs quickly. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia now.


Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

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