What You Can Get If 5G Released in Indonesia?

Blog Friday February 19th, 2021

What You Can Get If 5G Released in Indonesia?


5G network is a hot topic all over the world, including in Indonesia. That said, surfing the internet will far better in the 5G network. Are you curious now about what you can get if 5G is released in Indonesia?

Stunning Image Quality

One of the advantages of the 5G network is its ability to display better quality images. Watching movies on Netflix on a wider screen will even more amazing with 5G.

The Netflix platform provides streaming packages in HD to Ultra HD. Unfortunately, subscribing to these two will useless if it is not supported by a compatible device and an internet network that can support streaming HD and Ultra HD. 5G network can support HD and Ultra HD streaming.

Better Gaming Experience

Online gaming enthusiasts like Dota, Mobile Legend, and many others must try the 5G as it can bring a much better gaming experience. Online gaming without lagging is what 5G offered. 

Not to mention if the 5G technology is combined with technology Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In the future, it is very likely that AR and VR will move to the cloud instead of using a PC as it is today, so a fast and stable connection like 5G is needed.

5G Connect More IoT Devices

Today, we can find more IoT devices around us, for example, wearable devices such as smart bands, smartwatches, smart power plugs, smart refrigerators, automatic watering systems, smart garage doors, smart trash cans, smart drones for agriculture, etc. These devices are connected to each other using an internet connection such as wi-fi.

However, the more IoT devices that are connected to the internet, the more it will burden the internet. For that, a better connection is needed, such as a 5G internet connection, which is said to be able to connect thousands to millions of devices and control connections on a larger scale.

5G Is More Energy Efficient

5G technology is developed better than previous technologies, including for energy use. The developers are applying new technologies to reduce energy consumption on the grid. The decrease in energy consumption in 5G is considered more significant, reaching up to 90% compared to the current one.


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