Digital Talent Scholarship Program by Kominfo

Blog Tuesday June 8th, 2021

Digital Talent Scholarship Program by Kominfo


Since 2018 Kominfo has launched a Digital Talent Scholarship program that aims to prepare ready-to-use talents for the digital and IT world. This scholarship program encourages awardees to participate in several competency development training programs in the IT and digital world aimed at young Indonesians.

In 2021 the government opened registration for young Indonesians who are interested in working and pursuing a career in the digital and IT world. The Digital Talent Scholarship program in 2021 is designed to create a balanced ecosystem to maximize the role of Penta helix (government, community/society, higher education institutions, the business world, and the media) to become a facilitator and accelerator to support the digital economy.

The Digital Talent Scholarship program, in detail, aims to improve skills and competitiveness, productivity, and professionalism of human resources in information and communication technology. This program is aimed at Indonesia’s young workforce, the general public, and, collaborating state civil servants.

Are you interested in applying for the DTS scholarship program?

There are at least 8 academies available in the DTS scholarship program:

(1) Fresh Graduate Academy

The Fresh Graduate Academy (FGA) program is specified for graduates who have not or are currently unemployed. The participants were encouraged to take part in a competency development training program in ICT to be able to compete in both domestic and foreign industries.

The FGA program in 2021 will be carried out online. The training courses cover technical skills and soft skills. FGA is held in collaboration with universities, global class technology companies, and technology education partners.

Participants who have completed the training with the predetermined evaluation results are entitled to receive certification according to the training courses.

The focus courses of training and certification include programming, databases, cloud, cybersecurity, networks, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, developers, etc.

(2) Vocational School Graduate Academy

The Vocational School Graduate Academy is intended for Vocational School Graduates (SMK, D3, and D4) who are currently unemployed with an educational background that matches with the training courses provided. 

The training courses include Network Administrator, Web Developer, Mobile Programmer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Artist, Multimedia Designer, Drivetester, Fiber Optic Installation, and Activation Technician, Video Editor, and Data Management Staff.

Training participants who complete the training will receive an SKKNI certificate from a Professional Certification Institute.

(3) Thematic Academy

This program is specific to certain industrial sectors/circles and the curriculum has been tailored to the needs of the industry. 

The training courses covers:

IT for Banking, IT for Ex-Migrant Workers, Digital Marketing (Entry Level and Specialist), IT for Disabilities, Artificial Intelligence for Everyone, Cybersecurity, Digital Connectivity, Big Data for Social Science, Scrum Master, Digital PR, Digital Media Journalism, Digital Broadcasting and Competence Transfer.

(4) Professional Academy

The Professional Academy program specifically prepares the transfer of HR competencies through online training to people who are working so that workers can be more adaptive and productive. Activities in this program include:

Self-paced learning/self-study, live sessions/webinars, hands-on labs, class groups, evaluation, and post-training certification programs.

(5) Government Transformation Academy

The program is intended for civil servants to improve their competency through a human resource development training program.

(6) Digital Entrepreneurship Academy

The DEA program is organized by the Human Resources Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, collaborating with global technology companies, universities, and local startups. 

The DEA program is expected to be able to prepare 22,000 Digital Entrepreneurs (Digipreneurs) to prepare superior Human Resources to face the era of industrial revolution 4.0.


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