Mobile Apps Chat Other Than WhatsApp That You Can Try

Blog Friday April 23rd, 2021

Mobile Apps Chat Other Than WhatsApp That You Can Try


WhatsApp may be the most popular chat mobile apps around the globe. However, WhatsApp often stumbles upon users’ privacy issues. When privacy issues on WhatsApp are arising, other chat mobile apps earn sudden massive followers.

If you are now trying to move on and stop relying on WhatsApp chat, we will be happy to tell you that there are other chat mobile apps available out there. We may say that these apps might have the features that WhatsApp does not offer.

Let’s just take a look at the chat mobile apps other than WhatsApp that can be the best alternatives of choices.


(1) Telegram


In Indonesia, since a few years ago, Telegram is the biggest rival of WhatsApp. Telegram founded by a Russian entrepreneur, Pavel Durov. Users’ privacy is what Pavel Durov offers to Telegram users. He explains that Telegram will never sell and/or opens their data to other parties, even the government.

Telegram was first launched in 2013 and now rumor has it that Telegram users have reached 200 million users around the world. Whenever WhatsApp stumbles upon privacy issues, Telegram users increase drastically.

If we see Telegram’s privacy policy, it actually offers a great sense of security. In addition, they quite spoil the users with features such as text message, call in the app, group chat, send files and photos, sticker, and many more.


(2) Signal


The signal is also a mobile app chat that currently on the rise. Signal popularity increases shortly after Tesla’s boss Elon Musk tweeting Signal as the safest messenger app in the world. Signal app founded by the WhatsApp ex person Brian Acton who was also served as the WhatsApp founder. He then founded Signal with an encryption expert Moxie Marlinspike.

The Signal messenger app was first launched in 2018. The founders committed themselves to the users’ privacy and therefore featuring the app with several security features such as self-destructed messages, users can also set the timing to how long the message will appear after reading by the receiver, the message cannot be screenshot and forwarded.

Other standard features that available for example delete for everyone, mark as unread, pin chat, emojis and stickers, note to self, voice call, video call, and group chat. 


(3) LINE


LINE is an instant messaging app that available for installation on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. LINE developer is the NHN Corporation from Japan. The LINE app was launched in 2012 and continue to be used by its fellow users until now.

In LINE, users can send text messages, images, videos, voice messages, etc. Along with the time, LINE adds up some features such as delete the message after it is sent, reply to specified text just like in WhatsApp, and video call that can take up to 500 people.


(4) WeChat


WeChat is an instant messaging app from China and very popular there. Monthly users of WeChat are said to be 1 billion people.

WeChat starts from a basic instant messaging app like WhatsApp but now it has developed rapidly with additional features and functionalities such as making payments, flight reservations, or even calls an online taxis.



Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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