Productive Work from Home with Arupa Cloud Desktop

Blog Tuesday December 29th, 2020

Productive Work from Home with Arupa Cloud Desktop


March 2020 is where the government first announced the first case of COVID19 in Indonesia that urges office to let their employees work from home afterward. Work from home has pushed both employees and employers to think creatively in creating a suitable work environment with limited equipment, security, and resources at home.

For that, PT Arupa Cloud Nusantara launched a cloud desktop called the Arupa Cloud Desktop (ACD). ACD designed specifically to optimize the productivity of work from home. Do you curious now about what the ACD can do? Let’s take a look at the details below.

Home Product of National Developers 

Arupa Cloud Desktop is a product of PT Arupa Cloud Nusantara, a local Indonesian cloud computing developer company. Although it is a local product, you cannot underestimate its quality because they have a Cloud Verified Provider certification from VMware.

A Desktop Based Cloud

Just like its name Arupa Cloud Desktop, this product is a  desktop-based cloud. Arupa has claimed that its product is flexible, easy, and safe. These three characteristics are the most crucial things to support the productivity of work from home.

Flexible Access from Any OS 

The benefit of a cloud-based system, the first is its flexibility. Users can access all important data by using the browser no matter what the Operating System (OS) is.

Safe from Cyber Attacks

Aside from its flexibility, another excellent trait is safety. ACD guarantee company data safety through a multilayer and encrypted security system. They provide several safety features such as firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN, SSL Encryption standard, etc.

Saving Data

ACD developer has claimed that their product can save data. Just like we all know, the need for an internet data connection to work all day is relatively big. With lots of tab and windows open, the bill for internet data will getting bigger.

However, ACD can save data since users will only need to access ACD from the web browser, without the need to open another application.

Another Cloud App to Boost Productivity during WFH 

Besides ACD, do you know that there are other cloud-based services that can increase productivity during WFH? We are proud to introduce Kintone, a cloud-based application platform specifically designed to increase employee productivity.

By subscribing to Kintone, you can manage office affairs from employee management, remote working attendance, tracking expenses, listing clients, business trip management, day off request management, daily report, and many other useful benefits in one app, the Kintone App.

Kintone is flexible to access from the browser and its mobile app to access from smartphone and tablet. Thus, wherever you go, you can always control the work with your own hands.

If you still in doubt to subscribe to Kintone, contact our team at [email protected] to get more detailed information.


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