10 Jobs that Robots will Replace

Blog Friday February 5th, 2021

10 Jobs that Robots will Replace


Technology will always be developed to the latest and will get better and better from time to time. The machines and robots as humans creations sooner or later will replace human jobs. As individuals who do works for a living, humans must understand what jobs that robots will replace in the future.

McKinsey Global predicted around 800 million people may lose their jobs in 2030 due to automation. Meanwhile, World Economic Forum shows technological changes predicted to occur until 2022 based on the ‘Future of Jobs Report 2018’.

The following are 10 jobs that predicted to disappear by 2022.

1. Data Entry

Data entry jobs will be predicted to be replaced by Data Analysts/Scientists. However, the manager and/or supervisor in this field will remain.

2. Accounting and Payroll

People who work in accounting and payroll may be worried as their jobs can be replaced by AI and machine learning specialists. However, this division will still need General Manager. 

3. Administration and Executive Secretary

Administration and Executive Secretary may lose their jobs for General/Operation Manager with the help of Software/Application Developers dan Analyst.

4. Rafters and Factory Workers

Rafters and factory workers will most likely be replaced by Data Analyst Specialists.

5. Business and Administration

The business and administration divisions are likely to reduce the number of employees and the focus will shift to sales and marketing.

6. Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors’ jobs will be transferred to the New Technology Specialist. This job will emphasize the role of Human Resource Specialist.

7. Stock Clerk and Material Managements

Stock Clerk and Material Managements jobs will likely be replaced by Organizational Specialists together with Financial and Investment Advisors.

8. Operational Manager

The operational manager may lose their jobs with the existence of Software and Application Developers and/or Database and Network Specialist.

9. Postal Services

Postal Service Jobs will be replaced by Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists together with Information Technology services.

10. Customer Service and Information Center

Information Center and Customer service jobs will be replaced by Sales and Marketing and Digital Transformation Specialists.

Repetitive jobs such as industrial machine operators, administration, and service workers are most likely to be affected by the industrial revolution 4.0. The Indonesian government is known to be very active in campaigning for the 4.0 industrial revolution program so that the Indonesian people are expected to be prepared for changes in the future.

Robots and machine automation are very close to our world, jobs that used to be done by humans can now be easily done by robots that never feel tired. The Indonesian people must continue to equip themselves with new abilities and skills if they are to continue to survive. 


Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

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